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Gathering in Liberty Square (CKS MRT Station) for Tiananmen Square Memorial 6/4/2012 @ 7:00 pm

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Gathering in Liberty Square (CKS MRT Station) for Tiananmen Square Memorial 6/4/2012 @ 7:00 pm

Postby hinamoo » 03 Jun 2012, 22:33

We will be coinciding our next general meeting with a take-action event on the anniversary of Tiananmen Square by the New School for Democracy. Location is Liberty Square at the CKS Memorial Hall M.R.T station.

FB Event here

For those who want to join in the event, it starts at 19:00 and is a full lineup until 22:00.

1. Press Conference
2. June 4th Special Event
3. Video - "Taiwanese Youth's Look at 6/4" & "What is 6/4?"

4. Music Performance:

AoBo, Chang Jui Chuan & Sandra
Chan Man Koon
Lee Guitars
Zhanghua University Music Group

Guest Speakers
王丹(影像)Wang Dan
吾爾開希 Wu Er Kai Xi
謝三泰 Hsieh San-tai
阮銘 Ruan Ming
楊憲宏 Yang Yi Kuo
林保華 Paul Lin

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