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How to take your furry friends to South Africa

How to take your furry friends to South Africa

Postby Minou » 06 Sep 2009, 22:06

Permit Office for import export animals in South Africa 負責南非寵物出入境的單位是:

The Directorate of Veterinary Services of the Department of Agriculture
Permit Office
Head of Permit Office: Mrs Ina Labuschagne
Tel: 012 319 7514
Other Tel: 012 319 7632 / -7503 / -7414
International: +27 12 319 7514 / -7632 / -7503 / -7414
Fax: 012 329 8292 / 012 319 7491 (permit applications only)

Taiwan doesn't have any offical political relationship with South Africa, therefore, all animals that go to South Africa need to be quarantine for 30 days. 台灣沒列入在南非免隔離檢疫名單之內, 所以台灣去的犬貓要隔離檢疫30天.

How to do 關於犬貓入境南非的相關規定與注意事項寫在此處;

Main document 主要文件有:
1. 入境許可文件申請書Application for the import of Animals & Animals products subjected to quarantine (pdf檔)


-- 申請入境許可, 請看 Information on importing animals and animal products into the Republic of South Africa
There is a mailing address on the application form. There is R110 service charge and you need to mail the money order to the office. The officer will be arranging the vet for quarantine your pets then the official will be mailing you the import permit.
裡面有申請書的寄送地址, 申請費用R110匯款銀行資訊, 作業時間約2-3工作天, 請詳細填寫申請表內的資料以便檢疫人員安排隔離檢疫房舍, 並請附上切結書作為申請書的附件, 如需親自前往索取入境許可核准文件import permit之前請先與對方電話確認. 南非方面收到填寫完整的入境許可文件申請書後, 會發出Veterinary Import Permit與Veterinary Health Certificate各乙份並郵寄給您.

This needs to be completed, in English, by a veterinarian authorised thereto by the Veterinary Administration of the exporting country, within 10 days of departure.

所以, 請特別注意, 在辦理寵物出國輕鬆帶之2-寵物出國5步驟中的第四步驟的時間要提早, 因為要配合南非規定要在出境日10天前辦完南非的import permit. 相關細節配合可直接洽行政院農業委員會動植物防疫檢疫局電話:(02)2343-1401 E-Mail:

Before you leave with your pets to S. Afica, make sure you have the following papers. 在南非入境時, 以下文件務必準備好:
-Original Veterinary Import Permit
-Original Veterinary Health Certificate
-Any other documentation specified, e.g.: Indemnity Declaration, Rabies Vaccination Certificate, etc
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Re: How to take your furry friends to South Africa

Postby lumka1 » 12 Sep 2009, 21:53

thanks for the info - will need it some time in the future...
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