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Taiwanese workers rights?

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Re: Taiwanese workers rights?

Postby headhonchoII » 10 Sep 2013, 08:01

Once again your post leaves me mystified.
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Taiwanese workers rights?

Postby hsinhai78 » 10 Sep 2013, 08:59

Taiwan Luthiers wrote:They probably deserve the bad wage anyways. Anytime some news article about wages or employment comes up the comment section is full of accusation of the Ma Administration pandering to the big business interests and not really caring about the common people. What they also said is that whenever a labor right demonstration comes up everyone will say they will come, but when it happens few shows up.

I think that's the big problem, the culture is far too passive to affect any change, so those in power will use that to keep things in order. Workers complain that their wages are too low, deductions too high (any sick days, days off, etc. are severely penalized), yet no one will even organize and bargain collectively. Not sure if its legal climate or something but if even 20% of a company's workforce decided to stop they will have to listen. Sure they can just go hire someone else but that takes time, meaning missed deadline and fines. Some say the average Taiwanese is too selfish to care about the social condition.

That's the key. IMHO as long as people don't grow some balls and unionize they deserve the meagre salary and bad vacation schedule they are offered. If you act like a dog, people treat you like a dog. Be thankful for the crumbs you get.

Only strikes and unions are the language big corporations understand, but as Taiwan Luthiers said: people talk about it but never show up, instead they rat out those who do to the boss in hopes for a 300 NT$ raise of their monthly salary.

What makes me angry is when people demand the government to fix the situation, a situation they are simply too much of a coward to take care of. Is it the government's job to negotiate salaries of private corporations? I don't think so. But then again Morakot was also the fault of the government and not the fault of Southern hillbillies planting binlang trees in the mountains.
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