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Tainan Anping Beach Cleanup Operation, Help Needed!

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Tainan Anping Beach Cleanup Operation, Help Needed!

Postby lostalien » 21 Aug 2014, 18:02

As many of you will know, Moon Bay (月亮灣) is a beautiful sandy beach area located on Yuguang Island (漁光島), at the western edge of Tainan City. (see map:

Over the last few weeks and months, the volume of garbage on the beach has increased tremendously. To make matters worse, recent torrential weather has caused large amounts of detritus to float in from the sea. Some of the garbage is potentially hazardous, and includes hypodermic needles and broken glass. (see:

We are a group of local volunteers who share the goal of restoring the beach back to its natural state. But to make a real difference, we need your help!

At our recent event on 16th/17th August (see, many people came to the beach to help with the cleanup, and the work has already made a big difference. However, there still remains a lot of work left to do.

Over the weekend of 23rd/24th August, we plan to hold a cleanup event on the beach, starting from 3 p.m. on both days (when the sun is a little less strong). If you can spare any time at all over the weekend, please come and join us, you'd be most welcome! Please also feel free to invite your friends and family. :)

Facebook event: ... 5209194568

We recommend that you bring a few items with you, for your own comfort and safety:
 *Protective gloves
 *Insect repellant

Also, if anyone has the following items, it would be awesome if you could bring them with you:
 *Baskets (for collecting garbage)

We'll post updated information as the event draws closer. Thanks so much for your help and support!

Anping Beach Cleanup Team (

Location: 台灣台南市安平區漁光島
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