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Is the landlord responsible for repairs

Can a foreigner buy...? Can a foreigner rent...? What about deposits? Bad neighbors? Unreasonable landlords? Miscellaneous problems?
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Re: Is the landlord responsible for repairs

Postby cyberguppy » 16 Sep 2015, 02:31

Not sure what the specifics are the law are:

I reckon you go the a police station with a Taiwanese friend and ask the police to assist in finding the law. Then print this out, study it and take it to the landlord/lady
Newspaper Copyeditor (bàoshè biānjí)
Newspaper Copyeditor (bàoshè biānjí)
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Re: Is the landlord responsible for repairs

Postby Charlie Jack » 07 Oct 2015, 00:09

I'm sorry for being so late posting this. I don't think I've visited the Legal Issues in Real Estate and Housing forum in a good while.


What is quoted below is written matter that I copied from the Ministry of Justice website; I cannot vouch for its accuracy--especially, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the English translation--and nothing in this post should in any way be interpreted as legal advice given by me or through me to anyone:

Article 429 Unless otherwise provided by the contract or customs, the lessor shall make all repairs to the thing leased. The lessee shall not refuse the lessor to do such actions as are necessary for the maintenance of the thing leased.

Article 430 If, for the duration of the lease, the thing leased is necessary for repairing incumbent on the lessor, the lessee may fix a reasonable deadline and notify the lessor to make such repairs. If the lessor fails to make such repairs within the deadline, the lessee may terminate the contract or make the repairs himself with demanding the lessor to return for any expenses incurred therefrom or deducting the said expenses from the rental. ... =429%2c430

第 429 條

第 430 條
租賃關係存續中,租賃物如有修繕之必要,應由出租人負擔者,承租人得定相當期限,催告出租人修繕,如出租人於其期限內不為修繕者,承租人得終止契約或自行修繕而請求出租人償還其費用或於租金中扣除之。 ... =429%2c430
Charlie Jack
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Buxiban Laoban (bǔxíbān lǎobǎn)
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