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China Trust driving me crazy - First, Last / Last, First name - verification to ORIGINAL branch

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China Trust driving me crazy - First, Last / Last, First name - verification to ORIGINAL branch

Postby dylanh724 » 13 Apr 2016, 11:11

So I was forced to sign up with my account as "LastName, FirstName", Taiwan style. But ANY transaction I do outside of Taiwan is "FirstName LastName". I thought China Trust would be competent enough to know that, outside of TW/China, the rest of the world uses FirstName LastName, to my knowledge, and as a foreigner account they'd understand this.

1/2 the transactions I do that goes in or out get flagged, even for insignificant amounts, call me and say it's frozen until I go to the branch I opened up my account at to verify my identity. COME ON!

I've spoken to managers, I deal with the same person every time, I am a foreigner named FirstName LastName, and will have transactions as FirstName LastName, so please please let it go through. Nope. Doesn't happen. There's a point to absurdity that is crossed and not quite sure if others have felt my frustration. I live in Beitou and they want me to travel to Zhonghe to verify the same transaction that comes in every month from the same person for the same reason with the same amount.

I used to work at Bank of America (OOC: terrible bank, btw: been a fan of Capital One lately for cloud banking, minus the lack of a SWIFT code -- HSBC looks promising too) and we would at least me granted common sense. Chinese guy named LastName FirstName? Of course - cultural awareness allows us to identify that this is a grand possibility for an Asian foreigner and we'd let transactions happen.

Gahhh.... :loco:
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Re: China Trust driving me crazy - First, Last / Last, First name - verification to ORIGINAL branch

Postby cadmium » 13 Apr 2016, 11:58

I know the feeling as they (Mega and HSBC) do the same thing to me. It comes down to how it's written on your passport which is FAMILY NAME/LAST then GIVEN/FIRST. In Taiwan it's best just to match whatever documents they are going to check against. Path of least resistance and all... However, it does seem random to me when they want my "real signature", my printed name, and/or my chop/stamp. I've taken to mostly just printing and handing them my chop/stamp to use when they want.

I'm totally with you on the "original branch" crap, I have one account I regret opening in Xinyi because of that practice. Overall I get the feeling it's less about the bank itself and more about some really dumb/antiquated laws that govern the banking system. Like anything in Taiwan, you just have to play the game.
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Re: China Trust driving me crazy - First, Last / Last, First name - verification to ORIGINAL branch

Postby Chris » 13 Apr 2016, 12:57

Yup, banks are pretty incompetent here. People just don't understand the theory of English names. Middle name vs. middle initial vs none, short name (e.g. Fred) vs. full name (Frederick), last-name-first vs. first-name-first, etc.

Yes, "Fred Smith" is indeed the same person as "Smith, Frederick James III" if the bank account number is the same!!!! If one document says "Fred Smith" and the other says "Polydeuces Magibben Kibblewhite", then you have problems!

And the difference between writing and signing. I've been asked to "sign" my name, and then they claim that they can't read it, or it doesn't contain my middle name. "Oh, you meant WRITE my name, right? In that case, don't ask me to SIGN it. Duh!"

Oh yea, then there's the times when banks limit my first name to 10 characters, so I end up being Christophe.
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Re: China Trust driving me crazy - First, Last / Last, First name - verification to ORIGINAL branch

Postby dabomb_gent » 18 Apr 2016, 20:42

I have a second and third first name, which I never use. But to deal with Chinese banking we need to use full name like passport. Also western signatures mess with their handwriting verification systems, because they are built to recognise chinese characters.

People working in banks here more often are like brainless "computer says no" people. They only know how to follow exactly what they have been thought, using their brain and improvise, they are afraid to do it. Rather play it safe and don't help the customer (especially when it's a foreigner) then taking any risks and having to take the blame for it. Sort of the mentality here (I guess they are afraid they will lose their job). Play it safe and don't help. They also get applauded for that kind of behavior. Imho
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Re: China Trust driving me crazy - First, Last / Last, First name - verification to ORIGINAL branch

Postby Brendon » 19 Apr 2016, 01:08

My Chinatrust account uses my English name in First / Last order. I've never tried to remit with it, but I expect it would work. On the other hand, my name is pretty long (including the middle name). As it turns out, it's too long for their credit card system but not their savings account system, and as a result they've never been able to get my credit card to pay off automatically every month -- I have to go give them cash.

Also I get confused phonecalls from time to time asking if they can see my ID.
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Re: China Trust driving me crazy - First, Last / Last, First name - verification to ORIGINAL branch

Postby aim » 25 Apr 2016, 00:06

Same thing is happening in Citibank as well. And I have let them know I do not live in Taipei any more but in Kaohsiung and they still call me from Neihu branch to go there to verify my name.... it is just pointless and helpless the banking system here.
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