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Article - The slavery of teaching English

Moderator: Tempo Gain

Article - The slavery of teaching English

Postby WolvesMon » 09 Jun 2016, 20:00

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High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
High School Triad Member (gāozhōng liúmáng)
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Re: Article - The slavery of teaching English

Postby Abacus » 11 Jun 2016, 09:32

Perhaps you could explain the significance of that article to Taiwan because it appears to be another 'woe is me' article for foreigners in Taiwan.
National Security Advisor (guójiā ānquán gùwèn)
National Security Advisor (guójiā ānquán gùwèn)
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Re: Article - The slavery of teaching English

Postby Charlie Phillips » 12 Jun 2016, 23:43

After reading this, at first I wanted to kill myself. Then I thought of my loved ones and decided to wait until all the other poor sods kill themselves, then ask for a pay rise. The future is bright.
OK, it's not a magazine. It's just shit that happens: here.
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Charlie Phillips
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Second Landlord (èr fáng dōng)
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Re: Article - The slavery of teaching English

Postby Ermintrude » 13 Jun 2016, 07:47

Ah this is an old one.

Sebastian Cresswell-Turner got his break writing about being homeless in Europe, in the Orwellian tradition. However, as he was educated at Eton, he was allowed to trade in his enormous class privilege for a journalism career with the Times and Telegraph, when he got bored of that jape. As such, it's fairly unpleasant of him to poke fun at the things people did to make a living who don't have his social currency. Do you think 'Pam' or the nameless 'Scotsman', both of whom probably have more insight into the industry would have got a callback from the Telegraph? It just comes across as superficial and snobbish and written by a young person with no real insight. I'm sure that twelve years later, this isn't the article he touts around for work.

On the plus side, I discovered 'Cara Massimina', mentioned in the article. Hilarious series. Twelve years on, you can add David Mitchell to the hugely prosperous and successful former TEFL people who used their time to write.
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Generalissimo (dàyuánshuài)
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