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Salary deductions

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Re: Salary deductions

Postby Rocket » 22 Jul 2016, 10:15

Abacus wrote:Some (or many) landlords don't claim rental income as income and I think the tax office will contact your landlord about this income and expect them to pay taxes. You aren't doing anything wrong but this could cause poor relations between you and the landlord and either your rent will go up or you won't be able to renew your lease. Just a word of caution.

Absolutely right.
I've never ever been able to claim a rent deduction, under the unspoken threat of either the lease not being renewed or rent increased.

Pretty shameful that this 1970s era malfeasance still goes on, really.
Ain't NO thing like me.
'Cept ME.

Lesson number one: Assume everybody wants to hit you.

Hey! Hey! Start shooting!!
At what?
The NAZIS, dumbfuck!!!
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