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Building a better church community

Building a better church community

Postby mammothwoolly » 13 Jul 2016, 18:52

I have recently been seriously thinking about starting a new church here in Taipei. I think that I would like to try to create a fully bilingual (English/Chinese) church, which is designed to serve local Taiwanese, and to give them a different church experience than existing churches in Taiwan offer. Perhaps something more like a combination of New York's Brooklyn Tabernacle, Redeemer Presbyterian, or Harlem Gospel, if that means anything to you. To do this I would need a group of Christians to help me, but I don't want to recruit from my existing church (偷羊). I am not sure of what website to use to recruit people to do this work. I have tried using tealit's language exchange boards, but they just delete my ads, and I understand. It's not exactly language exchange, but it seems to me that a lot of people want a chance to practice their english, so a weekly fully bilingual environment might make sense for them.

- I would prefer this to be more of a grassroots thing, so I'd prefer to not talk to some pastor of some big church or try to get a church to help me, although running ads in a Christian newspaper might be ok.
- To me, a church is a group of people. I am not concerned with what building it meets at. I would expect the church to just meet at my house or at my friend's church when they are not using it, until it gets big.
- I have all of the training necessary to do this work. I just don't know where to find people, without taking people needed by my existing church.
- I want it to be focused on meeting the needs of non-Christians, where they enjoy themselves!
- I would prefer younger people, like college or just graduated.

So, any ideas where or how to advertise, so I can build a team to do this?
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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Re: Building a better church community

Postby Zla'od » 14 Jul 2016, 22:14

I'm doing the same sort of project, except that instead of starting a new church, I'm starting a whole new religion. But it all boils down to marketing issues.

Focusing on young people will be great for your image, and they're less brand-loyal and more easily swayed. Universities are a great place to troll for young followers.

You'll get a better reception if you disguise the religious element at first. ("Bait and switch.") Maybe have "front-stage" secular events (pop-culture stuff that people are genuinely interested in), and then invite people to "backstage" religious events (after screening them, of course).

Pay special attention to governance--you don't want it to get TOO "grassroots," if you know what I mean!

You're right to go it alone (without big investors / parent churches). Never be assistant pastor--once you get market as "beta," you'll never be "alpha."

You might also consider doing market research to determine what theology would be the easiest sell. Jesus may be a bit too "niche", though--have you considered doing more of a Buddhist spin-off? That's where most of the market is.

I love religion!
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Martyr's Shrine Guard (zhōngliècí wèibīng)
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Re: Building a better church community

Postby Fortigurn » 16 Jul 2016, 22:51

I'm interested; I've sent you a PM.
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Former City Mayor (qiánrèn shìzhǎng)
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