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Cat Kennels

Cat Kennels

Postby ImaniOU » 04 Feb 2003, 23:50

I'm planning to study in London for a few weeks this summer and need a place for my kitty to crash since I think Okami will refuse to ever do it you have any phone numbers? What's the cost?
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Almost a God (jīhū shì shén)
Almost a God (jīhū shì shén)
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Zhonghe Kennel NOT recomended

Postby magnolia » 05 Feb 2003, 11:27

Don't leave your pet here!

Opposite the Song-ching 24hr supermarket on An Ping Road, Zhonghe (near the No. 4 Park) is a small kennel/cattery. The boss is a chubby guy and both him and his assistant Miss Lin are very friendly and seem to care about dogs. We live 90 seconds away and so have left our three dogs with them on quite a few occassions, but came back this time to find the trials of being PAID to look after dogs over the hoildays had obviously been too much.

Yesterday, when my boyfriend picked the dogs up and brought them back, I noticed instantly they had been heavily sedated and were also constipated and extremely dehydrated. I had to be restrained from going round to punch Miss Lin hard in the face. I still might :evil:

Even though all kennels may administer a slight sedative in food, and I "expect" all to ration water and food to avoid cleaning up too much shit, these people don't even have the sense to do it "correctly" so your dogs are wide awake when you pick them up :roll: Seeing as the cost of three dogs per day was more than our hotel in Thailand per night, I would strongly advise anyone against leaving their dog or cat with this kennel.

The crazy-18-dog-woman in our alley has recommended the big pet-shop/kennel on Chung-cheng Road for next time, so I'll post a report whenever.

And just to end on a happy note, all three are perfectly fine this morning and tearing about the place as normal! They're busy "reclaiming" both floors of the house, balconies and yard with gusto! If only I could remember where I left the Lysol... :D
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Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
Chair-throwing Legislator (rēng yǐzi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
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Postby Marty » 30 Dec 2003, 19:34

I'm interested in finding one for my cat
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Scooter Commuter (qí jī chē shàng xià bān)
Scooter Commuter (qí jī chē shàng xià bān)
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Cat kennels: can you recommend a good one?

Postby CookieMonster » 04 Jan 2004, 02:16

I would also appreciate any suggestions. I really need to go home but I am truly concerned about my cats' safety. I had spoken to my vet and he is willing to take them in for a couple of weeks but I am having second thoughts as my cats have stayed there before and won't eat anything when they are there. Mind you, that has happened when they stay over a day or two, so I am worried about what may happen for a longer period. I wish I could find someone to stay at my place but that has not been possible so far. If you know of any alternatives my cats and I would be most grateful.

Cat Kennels

Postby T J » 18 Mar 2005, 11:39

I am taking a short holiday in April and I normally pay one of my neighbours kids to come across and feed my cat and play with him and generally give him lots of attention, whilst away.

Unfortunately, my neighbours are moving which leaves me with a dilemma of what to do with my cat. Ideally I would love someone to come to our house and cat sit, but I don't know anyone who would be prepared to do this, so the last alternative is a cat 'hotel'/cattery.

I live in Tianmu and I have seen the pet shops with the cages out the back, but after speaking to the owners, I have found that the pets left there don't get any petting or attention - just given food and water. I hate thinking of my fur baby having to sit in a cage for 24 hours with no interaction, so I am wondering if anyone knows of a cat 'hotel' with that is a bit more proactive, or even better - if anyone knows of a cat/house sitter...

Thanks in advance.
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
Ink Still Wet in Passport (shífēn xīnshǒu)
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Postby Bu Lai En » 18 Mar 2005, 13:09

My wife wants to turn our house into a cat hotel. I think she was talking about 1000NT a day. Steep, I think, but those cages cost 500NT a day. Your cat can have the whole house to run around and play with our cats, or, if she doesn't get along with other cats, a room to herself. My wife's home all day to keep an eye on things. PM me if you're interested and I'll ask my wife if she's definitley going ahead with this and what the details are going to be.

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Bu Lai En
Thinking of Staging a Coup (xiǎng yào gǎo zhèng biàn)
Thinking of Staging a Coup (xiǎng yào gǎo zhèng biàn)
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Postby beatnikmao » 18 Mar 2005, 14:39

On Dexing Just off Zhongshan North Road is a place called Dog and Cat Life. Our dog stayed there when we went to London and he was treated very well. The cat area, which can be seen from the street, is a large room with scratching posts and beds with picture windows all around. I have also seen them pet and play with the cats on occasion. As I said, I put my dog in there, so I don't know how much cats enjoy it, but my dog must have had an awesome time because every time we walk past he has to go in and see the owner.

If you can go with a home stay, I would, but if you can't find someone to watch your "fur baby" (my wife uses that term too), then this place is awesome, and if I remember correctly it's price was comparable to the cage farms elsewhere.
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Breakfast Store Laoban (zǎocān diàn lǎobǎn)
Breakfast Store Laoban (zǎocān diàn lǎobǎn)
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Cat Hotel

Postby havilina » 17 Jan 2006, 21:24

On Zhongshan North Road, Section 6, No. 312 is the Royal Cat Garden. The have different sizes of cages/rooms/kennels ... not sure what to call it ... and I think the cheapest is 300nt and the most expensive is 450nt per day. It includes food and litterbox. I felt that my cats were very well taken care of there. I remember they also asked me if I wanted my cats to be bathed or to have their nails clipped. So they also do the beauty parlor thing. They also ask you what your cat eats. I took my cats' toys there too. My one cat (short-haired) really enjoyes being brushed so I gave them the cat brush and they were happy to brush the cat too. They even commented on my cats' personalities and habits during their short stay there.

Right next to the Hotel is Dr Simon Kuo's Animal Hospital (Zhongshan N Rd, Sec 6, #314). He also has a cat sitting facility available but I have not seen it. He just told me that the cages are really big and he is much cheaper than the cat hotel next door.
Shoe-wielding Legislator (huīwǔ xiézi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
Shoe-wielding Legislator (huīwǔ xiézi de lìfǎ wěiyuán)
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Re: Cat Kennels

Postby Juba » 18 Jan 2006, 00:31

T J wrote:Ideally I would love someone to come to our house and cat sit, but I don't know anyone who would be prepared to do this.

I would greatly prefer to have a cat or dog sitter than put the animal in any kind of kennel, "hotel" etc. The person's presence would also be a deterrent to burglars, and they can be there if there is a leak or whatever. Surely some students and people staying in hostels would be delighted at the chance to stay somewhere nicer for a bit.
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Thinking of Having Kids (xiǎng yào shēng xiǎo hái)
Thinking of Having Kids (xiǎng yào shēng xiǎo hái)
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Postby silencepleasei'mworking » 24 Jan 2006, 13:41

Having a bad week. Need to know of anyone or any place that can take two cats just after Chinese New Year's in Taichung. Any help would be great. Thanks
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